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It’s not realistic to expect to make friends overnight. Let your new acquaintances know you’re new in town and ask them to join you for a drink or coffee. Check out community colleges for cooking, art, or pottery classes. Locate a nearby dance studio and take up ballroom dancing or whatever else floats your boat. Learn to speak a new language or how to decorate cakes. In-person learning is slowly returning, but even online courses can give you access to new people.

Pairing up with other young adults also makes it easier to sight-see and visit places that longtime residents might find old hat. When Jane Behre moved to Dallas in February, it was the first time she had ever set foot in the city. Her interviews for a production sound technician job at the Dallas Theater Center were all done by Skype. Chances are, you know someone who knows someone in your new town. Being proactive and taking initiative by connecting before your move can really pay off in forming initial or even lasting connections.

Cheap Ways to Make Friends Now That You’ve Moved to a New City

This could mean anything from attending school functions to joining the PTO. Getting involved in neighborhood associations or local nonprofits will also serve the double function of helping your family meet people and build a connection to the community. The friendships, however, went to another level when we all started hanging out in person at blogging conferences. There is nothing cooler than meeting friends, most of which you’ve met online through Facebook groups or Twitter, in person.

Making friends in a new city as an adult can be difficult, but you have the power to create the social life you want for yourself. Being surrounded by people doesn’t automatically translate to friendships. You also need to engage with those people in a friendly manner. Once you start making acquaintances, keep the ball rolling.

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It’s important to stay positive and understand these things take time. Don’t give up — try a new activity or initiate a conversation with someone you wouldn’t normally approach. Sometimes we’re the ones holding ourselves back from potential friendships. Be intentional and prioritize what’s important to you.

The process of strangers turning into friends is a unique and beautiful one, and it grows from respecting a relationship enough to cultivate it when the right one how to make friends when you work from home comes along. But it’s essential that you do as much as you can outside the walls of your home. Eat at a restaurant instead of hauling take-out back to your place.

Hold Office Hours at a Cafe

Sometimes he will meet friends of friends and then include them on his next invitation to do something, like attend a street fair or go hiking, so he is rarely alone on his adventures. Additionally, after working from home for two years, it’s actually really fun to hang out with other human beings around lunch time. I actually really miss this part of working from an office.

How to make friends if I work from home in a new city

For introverts, social activity can be exhausting. “I invite individuals who are introverted and looking to build new friendships to consider scheduling a block or blocks of time each week dedicated to working toward this goal,” says Kane. This way, she says, you can plan ahead and prepare yourself mentally and emotionally. So, you unpacked all the moving boxes and filled your pantry with groceries—you even have new curtains and light fixtures on the way. But just because your house is starting to become a home doesn’t mean your new city really feels like home yet—especially if you left friends behind.

Or maybe your partner made some new friends, and you get along with them or their partner. What better way to meet new people than by giving back at the same time? There are undoubtedly plenty of volunteer opportunities in your new community.