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Build a navigation app for iOS Help Mapbox

The app tracks and visualizes heart rate and notifies participants to take a survey when it detects them near a hospital. If it does, then you can test the interim app builds and provide feedback. For instance, at Topflight, we share updates and new versions with clients every two weeks or so. So creating the […]

Iterative and incremental development Wikipedia

In some cases, there is a slight idea that the final solution will be an embedded system with different peripherals such as cameras, antennas, sensor stages, heaters, lighting systems, etc. Usually, solving the measurement or monitoring principle is possible, but its technical feasibility is not guaranteed. Therefore, during this phase, it is intended to define […]

What is Jenkins? Why Use Continuous Integration CI Tool?

In this blog as we try to answer ‘what is Jenkins’, we also deep dive into what is Jenkins pipeline, how does Jenkins work, and more. We would also demonstrate continuous testing with Jenkins using the Jenkins Maven project and Jenkins pipelines. As you finish this blog, you’ll what is jenkins ci not only find […]